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“Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push…a ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.”

–Richard M.


Nothing in your business happens until a decision is made. You can’t be afraid to ask people to make a decision; it’s how they make positive steps with you as their Coach and it’s also how you’ll be able to better manage your time by focusing it on those who are ready to start! 

Common reasons why Coaches don’t ask for a decision from their contacts:

  1. Fear of rejection (what if they say no?!)

  2. Fear of success (will they really be successful?)

  3. Self-doubt (I don’t want to let them down)

  4. Lack of follow-up (I said I would get back to them last week…but I didn’t)

  5. Desire to be “busyˮ (if I keep them in my potential customers pool, I feel like I have stuff to do)

Regardless of the reason, not asking for a decision from your potential customers or Coaches creates negative momentum for your business. Don't worry about sounding pushy—if your sincere interest is to help the person, it won't come across that way. You're trying to help them and encourage them to take steps to help themselves! 


Here are some suggestions on how you can better ask for decisions:

  • Be bold: Don't beat around the bush; show you're confident by clearly asking for a decision. 

  • Make it easy for them to decide: Express confidence in them and their ability to see real results.

  • Give options, but suggest a solution: People like options, but always give a recommendation.

  • Follow up, but don’t chase: Give a follow-up date; don’t just drop in out of the blue.

  • Keep yourself focused on their goals: When they feel your interest is to sincerely help them, their willingness to make a positive decision increases.

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