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“You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”–Brian Tracy


Getting comfortable being uncomfortable will help you be more successful as a Coach. Anytime you learn something new, like the skills of becoming a successful Coach, you'll often find yourself feeling uncomfortable. That's okay; it means you're pushing yourself to try new things!

When you’re outside of your comfort zone:

  • You’re more productive because you’re more focused.

  • You’ll have an easier time adjusting to new and unexpected positive changes in your life.

  • You’ll find it easier to push yourself in the future.

  • The creative side of your brain is more active.

With time and experience you’ll become more proficient in the skills of coaching and be more comfortable, but for now, give yourself permission to be uncomfortable and be learning. If you’re struggling to get outside your comfort zone, here are some suggestions.

  • Be accountable to someone: When you know someone else is going to be checking in on you, it's harder to retreat to your comfort zone. Give someone permission to hold you accountable.

  • Play to your strengths: Don’t focus on your weaknesses, instead identify the things you do well and structure your actions to leverage those strengths. When you play to your strengths, it’s easier to do new things because you’re more confident.

  • Increase your conviction: When you believe in something, when it matters to you, it is easier to go outside your comfort zone. Make it purposeful to you and you’ll make it easier to do.

  • Practice and role-play: There is a reason professional
    athletes practice more than they play—it builds confidence and skills. If you're struggling to get outside your comfort zone, get with another Coach to role-play situations and practice over and over again. It will make it much more natural for you when "game time" comes!

Right now, focus on disciplining yourself to do your daily  coaching disciplines so they become habits for you. That is the goal! Watch any of these Coach Success Story videos to see how other successful Coaches stepped out of their comfort zones and achieved their goals. 

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