Coach Basics

New Coach Training

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope

and confidence.”

–Helen Keller



Whenever you start something new, it is normal to feel impatient with the imperfections involved with learning how to do it, and it's easy to lose confidence in yourself in the process. Confidence isn't a mysterious thing; it's just a pattern of self-belief we develop from our experiences. Consider these five choices you can make each day to help increase your level of confidence.

  • Choose to actively coach. Your coaching business will be unique to you and so your self-confidence will improve as you increase your competency as a Coach. The only way to really increase your coaching competency is through experience. Jump in with both feet and show up every day for your business!

  • Choose to trust the process. Trust the process you’re going through and celebrate the growth you’re experiencing as a Coach. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect or if someone appears to be doing it better. Don’t stress if there is pushback or if people misunderstand your intentions. Don’t let excuses, no matter how convenient they are, cheat you of your potential as a Coach—just focus on the basics and keep going.

  • Start small. When you choose to set small goals and achieve them, these small yet successful goals will inspire confidence. Every day, set small goals for yourself as a Coach and achieve them.

  • Choose to manage your mind. You are the gatekeeper of your mind. You decide what thoughts you allow to remain in your mind and those thoughts manifest themselves in what you do and your nonverbal actions. Personal development strengthens your mental immune system from the negativity that surrounds all of us.

  •  Choose to challenge yourself. As you gain confidence, use that confidence to push yourself to do even better. Continued growth and progress is key to ongoing self-confidence.


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