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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” –Maya Angelou



Today, let's start working on building your own Beachbody story. This is just a fancy way of saying, "figuring out how to share your experience". Your story is what you'll share with your contacts as you invite them to our upcoming Challenge Group. Great storytelling follows a formula, and you can spot this pattern in many of your favorite books and movies because it works. You do not have to have a big Success Story or transformation to be a successful Coach. Really just being willing to be a little vulnerable and share your own story is key! Be you and people will relate to your experiences and story.

Here are a few simple steps to follow to write your personal story:

Find the right starting point: Don't begin with your childhood or your parents, but start with the obstacle that was keeping you miserable, numb, or stuck in a rut instead of describing your full past in chronological order. 

Defining moment: What was the reversal of fortune, the major whirlwind that made you stop and rethink change? What was the climactic turning point that you felt was the end and you weren't going to recover from it? 

Cross the threshold: Describe the initial reaction you had when your Coach first mentioned the opportunity. Were you surprised, flattered, or skeptical? Then take your audience into the Beachbody world as you describe how your Upline Coach brought you into coaching.

Now that you have your story, practice it several times so it becomes natural and authentic. Soon, you'll be able to tell it quickly like an elevator pitch or a 10-second read. Here is an example of a story to illustrate how simple it can be: 

"I was drawn to Beachbody because I needed to lose 20 pounds and a friend invited me to try the 21 Day Fix with her. I was convinced I made the right choice because the program was amazing and the accountability and support of a Challenge Group led to great results I could never get in a gym. I now want to help as many people as I can experience the same or similar results with one of our programs. I am also starting to see how being a Team Beachbody Coach can give me greater financial freedom for my family and it makes it much easier to pay for baseball uniforms and dance lessons."

Here is Becka Robinson's story:

"I decided to try a challenge group as a last resort after a huge postpartum struggle to lose the 60 pounds I had gained. After a year of trying every weight loss program and fad I was frustrated and defeated but this was my one last try. After just 2 weeks I already had visible results. And that motivated me to keep going. The community I found in the challenge groups in in our team was the single biggest blessing and surprise to me! I never realized how lonely I was as a new mom but being part of something made me feel plugged-in in a way I hadn't felt since college! As people noticed the changes in me I found it was a natural thing to share my love for these tools and this community and I quickly realized the potential to build a business as a coach. In the beginning it helped us just cover the expenses of our Shakeology and healthier eating. Then it grew to paying some of our bills. And now we were able to leave our previous careers to be full time coaches! And I was able to lose all the weight I gained during my pregnancy, plus a little more and to keep it off for three years now!"

Remember, you can't make a mistake because it is YOUR story and it will be different from everyone else's. The craft of storytelling is important not only for your story, but for talking about your customers' Success Stories and for creating content down the line.

If you are brand new and have not yet completed a challenge group or program, don't worry! You can still work on the beginning section of your story. And as you work on yourself over the next month be thinking of how you can share your transformation as it is happening!

1. Share with your team, challenge group, or on your social media what flavor of shakeology you had today!
2. Post your story on your social media page with an eye-catching photo of YOU and tag your sponsor in the post!

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