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CORNERSTONE: Team Builder Training!

This 10 day training was created to help you take your business to the next level and step into duplication and building a strong team! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 10 days to complete it so that you can be working on finding your first coaches and helping them get started right away! Complete every assignment to help you master the team building basics!

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Course Outline

Let's talk about volume and team cycle bonuses!!!! YAY! This might seem like it's going to trip you up, but it's not! Why? Because you are a boss and a smart business owner as a coach and this is how you grow your business and your income. It's super simple once you get the hang of it. So don't worry if you feel confused. I'll break it down for you nice and simple!

First things first... there are two types of volume you need to understand as a coach:
1. PV = Personal Volume
2. TV = Team Volume

Personal Volume:

The Beachbody Official Definition: Personal Volume (PV) is a value assigned to products and Membership services sold in a Bonus Earning Period either by a Coach's personal purchases or by a Coach to his or her Personal Retail Customers. PV is used to determine Active Status and is also a factor in calculating the payout earned by a Coach for each Cycle. 

My Simplified Definition: Personal volume (PV) is the amount of volume you earn based on items you purchase yourself through your own account or from items you sell through your account to a customer. 

Team Volume:

The Beachbody Official Definition: TV is a value assigned to products and Membership services sold in a Bonus Earning Period and is used to calculate Team Cycle Bonus. The TV for a CBC is the sum of all TV generated from purchases made by all of the CBC's Downline Coaches and those Downline Coaches' Personal Retail Customers. TV for a CBC does not include volume generated by the CBC’s personal purchases or purchases of their Personal Retail Customers.

My Simplified Definition: Team Volume (TV) is the sum volume earned by the coaches in your entire downline. Your team volume = your right leg volume + your left leg volume. 

What does it all matter? As you have learned so far in your training, a coach needs 50PV every 5 weeks to remain "Active" and you must be active to promote and hold ranks such as Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, etc. Your coaches must be "Active" to count toward your rank. So, for example, to promote to Emerald you need 2 active coaches, one on each side. Understanding this PV requirement is important so you can grow your business and promote through the ranks.

TV matters because it is how you get paid! As an Emerald ranked coach and higher you can earn income from your Team Bonus Cycles! This is a mathematical equation based on the volume you accrue in your left and right leg each week! The more volume you have = the more money you make. You earn $12 for each cycle as an Emerald Coach ($16/cycle as a Ruby Coach and $18/cycle as a Diamond and higher coach). 

What is a cycle? How does it work? 

I'm going to let our own EVP, Michael Neimand explain it to you... with toys. ;)

Your Assignment Today: Watch this video a few times till you feel like you get it. I know it might seem strange in the beginning but I promise it will get more and more natural feeling as you start to watch it happen in your business!


Why is Team Building important? Why would you sign someone up as a coach and lose their commission just to get a tiny bit of volume? Because a lot of tiny bits add up a big big paycheck! That's the beauty of our business! I wrote a blog post explaining how my income grew as I started to focus on building a team as well as leading my monthly challenge groups and how exponential that opportunity can be.