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CORNERSTONE: Team Builder Training!

This 10 day training was created to help you take your business to the next level and step into duplication and building a strong team! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 10 days to complete it so that you can be working on finding your first coaches and helping them get started right away! Complete every assignment to help you master the team building basics!

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Course Outline

To get to Emerald and then to Team Builder you've got to sign up some coaches. So let's talk about the different ways you can get someone signed up as a coach! Because knowing how to get people signed up is pretty key to actually signing people up, right? ;)

First things first... before you sign up a coach, you need to set where you want them to go in your downline! It is super easy to set your PREFERRED PLACEMENT in your Coach Online Office. Here is a video from rockstar coach Chelsea Pearson about setting your preferred placement:

A few notes about Preferred Placement: 
1. Your placement will stay until you change it again.
2. Just choose from Left or Right in the drop down
3. If a coach is placed in a position you did not want, you have only 72 to request a change!
4. To request a change, submit it via the contact form.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes I see new coaches make is that they make the sign up process way more difficult and overwhelming sounding than it is. As a new coach, you may feel not-so-confident at explaining everything, that's normal. That's why I'm including the EXACT SCRIPTS I use to sign up coaches! 

You may also feel the need to explain every single thing about coaching and the terms and policies. Explaining all the fees and auto-ships and all the rules and this and that and so on. While it's admirable, it can also seem VERY overwhelming, especially if someone is just dabbling with the idea of coaching or the discount. If you make it seem like it's a lot of work or a lot of steps, people will think it's not worth the trouble and they will drag their feet or worse, change their mind.

We know it's super easy to become a coach and fun too! So let's not overcomplicate things. It's important to make sure people understand the basics but unless they ask you for more specifics, don't over-explain things and make it more confusing or complicated than it is.

The simplest and easiest way for someone to get signed up as a coach is to do it at the same time as they purchase a Challenge Pack. Why? Because when they do that, Beachbody waives their coach sign up fee (normally $39) and their first month of business service fees ($15.95) so they basically get to sign up as a coach for free. Also, they can do it all in just 1 step so it's super simple! 

To do that, you'll need to give someone your Beachbody coach website URL. 
I had you make it as one of your first tasks as a new coach so you should have it somewhere. 
It should look like this: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/alyssaschomaker
(except put your screen name at the end, of course) 

To Sign a New Coach up with a Challenge Pack: 
I like to walk people through the process in a quick and not at all overwhelming way so I will usually send someone a message like this after they tell me they want to sign up like this... 

Hey _______! I'm so glad you're ready to go. It's so simple to get signed up and get your challenge pack ordered all at once! Here's the steps: 

1. Go to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/alyssaschomaker 
2. Click the COACH button 
3. Fill out the forms. **make sure you see my name, Alyssa Schomaker, listed as your sponsor!**
4. It will ask you which challenge pack you want so find yours and select it. You'll also get to pick a Shakeology flavor to try. A whole month's worth is included! I like ____ the best but the multi-flavor boxes are great too so you can try a few flavors! 
5. Check out! Your total will just be the price of your challenge pack (plus tax and shipping) because your coach sign up fees are all waived! WOO! Let me know when you're done so I can follow up with some fun welcome info! 

One last thing! Like I told you before, there are no sales minimums required to keep your account open, instead there is just a $15.95 a month service fee. It will be billed to the card you use today so keep that in mind when picking out which one to use! 

To Sign Up A Coach Without A Challenge Pack
So what if someone is a challenger in one of your groups, so they already purchased a challenge pack in the past? And they want to sign up as a coach, either for the discount or so they can learn how to grow a business as well!? Or what if you have someone who can't afford a challenge pack but still wants to sign up as a coach and get their account open?

Well, they have 2 options:
1. They can purchase another challenge pack if that is a good financial option for them and they are wanting more Shakeology and another program. 
OR... most likely what they will need to do is.... 
2.  Just sign up for the coach account. This is super simple and only takes a few moments. It requires a few more steps than the first way I showed you (which is why I was telling you that the first way is the easiest) but you can easily walk your customer through this with no trouble! 

If they purchased a challenge pack in the past, Beachbody will actually reimburse their coach sign up fee after they complete their registration! So it will still end up being free, but they'll have to pay the $39 and wait a day or two to have it reimbursed onto their card. They will also have to fill out a form in the Coach Online Office for reimbursement.

Here is what I send to someone in that situation... ​

Hey _______! I am so excited that you've decided to upgrade your account to a coach account! You are going to LOVE that 25% discount, I just know it! So it's super simple to get set up and it will end up being FREE! There's just a few quick steps you need to do... 

1. Go to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/alyssaschomaker
2. Click the COACH button 
3. Fill out the forms 
4. It will ask if you want to buy anything. You can if you'd like but you don't have to. If you select nothing, your total will just be your coach sign up fee of $39. 
5. Submit payment and then shoot me a message so I can give you the next steps to get that reimbursed! In the mean time, try to track down your challenge pack receipt or order no. :)

One last thing! Like I told you before, there are no sales minimums required to keep your account open, instead there is just a $15.95 a month service fee. It will be billed to the card you use today so keep that in mind when picking out which one to use! 

Once someone has done that, all they have to do is go into the coach online office, under MY BUSINESS > MY FORMS AND DOCUMENTS and fill out the reimbursement form. 

**They MUST fill out and submit the reimbursement form within 30 days of signing up as a coach if they want to get their reimbursement. **

**If a coach does not order anything when they sign up, they will not be ACTIVE until they place an order or make a sale worth 50PV or more. They will not count toward your rank advancement until they are ACTIVE. If a coach purchased something worth 50PV or more (like Shakeology or a Challenge Pack) in the last month then you can have them contact Coach Relations and request a volume transfer. These usually take 2-3 business days to go through. Keep that in mind if you are pushing for a rank promotion.

Here is some simple verbiage for that:

"Hi my name is _____ and I just signed up as a coach. Recently I purchased _______ , order number _______ and I would like to request the volume from that recent order be credited to me as a coach to make me active, effective immediately. Thank you so much!"

If I walked up to you and offered you a $100 bill would you take it? Of course you would! Who would turn down a free $100? Turns out, lots of people! Because they don't realize they could be getting it! Friends don't let friends pay retail! ;)

While you should be looking for coaches who are "Business Builders" and not just interested in the discount, there's nothing wrong with signing up discount coaches! A lot of times they will be some of your biggest cheerleaders and most loyal customers.

Keep in mind, when you sign up a coach, you no longer earn commissions off their retail orders. BUT... instead they begin to count toward your Team Volume. Remember we learned about how when you become an Emerald coach you can earn income off your team volume? This is where that comes from... your coaches!

A common objection from customers when approached with the coach opportunity is that they don't want to pay the coach fee every month. But... if they are loving Shakeology, even with the fee they will still save almost $100 a year with the 25% coach discount on Shakeology alone!!! Here's a graphic that explains it! Feel free to send it to them to show them the possibility!

Did you know that Beachbody has a special program for active military and veterans to be able to be coaches FOR FREE? It's true! Active military, spouses of active military and confirmed veterans can all be coaches for free, with their monthly coach fee's waived as well as few other extras!

Read all the details in the Beachbody FAQ: 2916