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CORNERSTONE: Team Builder Training!

This 10 day training was created to help you take your business to the next level and step into duplication and building a strong team! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 10 days to complete it so that you can be working on finding your first coaches and helping them get started right away! Complete every assignment to help you master the team building basics!

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Course Outline

To step into Team Builder you need to also advance rank to Emerald! This is a really exciting promotion because it comes with some serious perks that are not available to you until you are an Emerald coach or higher! When you become an Emerald ranked coach you open up your Team Bonus Cycle banks! You also start to accrue Carry Over Volume. And lastly, you become eligible for the Beachbody Leads programs! WOO!!!!

Exciting stuff right? So it makes sense that you would want to get there ASAP! When I first started as a coach we were taught to get to Emerald right away! All you need to do is sign up 2 coaches and you are there! That could be as easy as your spouse and your best friend. Or your spouse and another family member! Usually those closest to you are happy to support you by getting on Shakeology and enjoying the discount.

However... we aren't stopping at Emerald on our team. We are taking a pitstop at Emerald as a stepping stone to our bigger goal of Team Builder. And for Team Builder we need Business Builder coaches, not just Discount ones. Because for Team Builder we need to get at least 2 coaches on the board with success club points. So yes, you can easily get to emerald by signing up your spouse and 1 other person. Go for it! Do it tonight if you want! The sooner the better because the perks of Emerald are awesome! HOWEVER... we aren't stopping there and I don't want you to think, "I got to emerald so now I don't need to keep looking for people." In fact, it's quite the opposite! Now is when you need to look for your team! Because once you hit emerald and open up your Team Bonus Cycle banks (I'll explain those later in this training!) you can start to grow an income off the success of your team. But to have a successful team you need coaches who want to work!

So... let's backtrack now and talk a little bit about how to get to Emerald so you can make it official! In our downlines we have two legs. A left leg and a right leg. They go down in opposite directions like roots off a tree. Every coach you sign from day 1 on will go either on your left leg or your right leg. To promote to Emerald you need 2 coaches: 1 on your left leg and 1 on your right leg and they both need to be active coaches. (Remember how we learned about Active Status in Business Builder Bootcamp?) Watch the video below from Top Coach Lindsay Matway explaining Emerald!

Okay I know that's a lot but you are on the road to an incredible business so it's important to understand these basics well so you can help your future coaches understand them too!

Your assignment today is to make a list of people who could possibly be your first 2 coaches. Your spouse, your friends, your family members! Write them all down on a piece of paper! 


One last thing.... THE LEAD PROGRAMS! 

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those people who order off Beachbody.com or from the infomercials we've all seen on TV? Well, Beachbody, since they love us so much, assigns all those people to coaches in the network who qualify for the leads program. Basically, they give you free customers! There are two lead programs you can qualify for. For both programs, you need to be an Emerald ranked coach or higher (another reason to get there asap!)

To qualify for customer leads all you have to do is achieve Emerald rank and maintain it. When you do, you'll start to receive customer leads the following calendar month. So, for example, if you promote to Emerald rank on January 15th you'll start to receive leads in February!

SUCCESS CLUB LEADS: To qualify for success club leads you need to be an Emerald rank coach AND have earned SC10 or higher the previous month. So, for example, if you advance to Emerald on January 15th and you qualify for SC10 in January you'll receive BOTH Customer Leads and Success Club Leads in February.

**For both lead programs you need to have your TBB bio filled out + have progress pictures in your bio. 

For all the details on the leads programs, check the FAQ!
Customer Leads: FAQ2871
Success Club Leads: FAQ1539

**Want to learn more about the Lead Programs? Beachbody put together a whole 4 Part Training that is available here! Enjoy. :)

Want to know if you qualify for leads? Here's how you check...