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CORNERSTONE: Team Builder Training!

This 10 day training was created to help you take your business to the next level and step into duplication and building a strong team! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 10 days to complete it so that you can be working on finding your first coaches and helping them get started right away! Complete every assignment to help you master the team building basics!

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Course Outline

Building a team means that you need to learn about your LEGS. You have two legs. A left leg. And a right leg. That is the same for EVERY COACH in this business. As you sign up coaches, you can chose whether they go on the left side or the right. 

You might also notice that coaches are being signed up under you that you did not sign up.


You might see them show up in your Graphical Geniology or in the breaking news tab where it says "__ Coaches Added To Your Organization". If you see that, it means that you have a STRONG LEG already! A strong leg is not a guarantee in this business, but it is a blessing.

Let's find out your situation! Log into your Coach Online Office. Click on the MY BUSINESS tab and then click on MY DOWNLINE and then GRAPHICAL GENEALOGY... 

Look at the image below! Do you see how there are two legs? A left leg and a right leg? And little people are going off in both directions from YOU at the top? That is your "Downline"! As soon as you start adding coaches, you have a team. YAY! CONGRATS! As you grow you will want to strategically place coaches on one side or the other so it's good to figure out now if you have a strong leg or not. 

You'll see something that looks like this. Yours will look slightly different depending on the coaches under you already. If you see little people outlines with the letters PS above their heads, that means those are coaches that YOU signed up. (PS= Personally Sponsored= sponsored by YOU!) Now look and see if there are coaches under you that you don't know (that don't have the letters "PS" above their heads. If there are, congrats! That means you have a strong leg already.  If not, that's okay too, you'll have what we call "balanced legs" and eventually one might become a strong leg.

If you see little guys under one of your legs that do not have the letters PS on top of their heads, then that is your STRONG LEG! Those coaches are being placed on your leg by your upline. It's a blessing because those coaches will count toward the volume you can earn income on from that leg! Woo hoo! They DO NOT count toward your rank though, so you will still have to personally enroll 1 coach on each leg to get to Emerald rank.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT TODAY: is to go into your COO and figure out if you have a strong leg. If you do, figure out if it is your left leg or your right leg and write it down somewhere where you'll be able to see it and access it quickly until you get used to things. Then watch this video below to see elite Coach Kati Heifner explain how to see your strong and weak legs using the Graphical Geniology in the Coach Online Office! Sometimes it just helps to have someone walk you through it. If you have questions, ask in the team page!