Course Outline

Think like a CEO! That requires preparation. The beauty of this business is that it allows ANYONE to be the CEO of their own business and that includes YOU! While this is awesome when you consider the opportunities, it can also be challenging. Are you prepared to be a business owner? You can learn the systems that keep the business simple and easy to duplicate, but many people struggle with limiting beliefs and lack of motivation. Changing your mind-set can help you take control over all the areas of your business—and that leads to unlimited success. So, how are you going to take control? First, put in your full effort. Don’t play the blame game and start coming up with all the reasons why you can’t be successful. The only name on your Coach account is yours, so it all starts with you. Treat it like a business and it will become one. This means setting business hours. The hours you work your business should be planned and purposeful. Set aside a minimum of 10 hours a week that are income producing if you want to build a stable Team Income-producing activity consists of the following:

1. Sharing your business and inviting people to learn more

2. Reaching out to find new people

3. Inviting people to Challenge Groups 

4. Follow-up, enrolling Coaches, and getting them started

5. Providing customer service to your current Challengers and customers by providing them opportunities to experience more of our products and supporting them in the products they are using

6. Using social media to provide valuable content that will attract more people to you

Pull out your calendar and block out the hours that are available for you to work over the next week. You control your calendar, so you can’t complain if you are too busy because you set the schedule! If you feel overwhelmed, start looking at what you can eliminate on your calendar and what you can delegate to someone else. If you are truly serious about your business, you will have to make choices and have a focused vision to produce the long-term financial freedom and rewards that can come with a Beachbody business. 


Where can you make short-term changes in your life for long-term reward? Also write down the names of 2 people you shared Beachbody with today.

LESSON 2: The Power of Beachbody
LESSON 3: Have a Plan
LESSON 4: Vision
LESSON 5: Creating a List of Contacts
LESSON 6: Daily Action Plan
LESSON 7: Off/Motivation
LESSON 8: Recruiting
LESSON 9: Be the CEO
LESSON 10: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 11: Getting Your Coaches Started Right
LESSON 12: Time Management
LESSON 13: How to Earn
LESSON 14: Off/Motivation
LESSON 15: Leads
LESSON 16: Accountability Partners and Mentors
LESSON 17: Creating Videos 1 & 2
LESSON 18: Share a Video
LESSON 19: Define Your Roles for Productivity
LESSON 20: Customer Service = Retention
LESSON 21: Customer to Coach
LESSON 22: Follow-Up
LESSON 23: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 24: Building Emeralds
LESSON 25: Assessment
LESSON 26: Just Do It
LESSON 27: Creating High- Performing Coaches
LESSON 28: Power of Duplication
LESSON 29: Revisit Your List
LESSON 30: Follow Up with New Customers
LESSON 31: Power of Consistency
LESSON 32: Off/Motivation
LESSON 33: Power of Belief
LESSON 34: Developing Diamonds
LESSON 35: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 36: Referrals
LESSON 37: Attract to YOU
LESSON 39: Off/Personal Development
LESSON 40: Diamond Chart Check-In
LESSON 41: Boosting Team Growth
LESSON 42: Create a Culture of Success Club
LESSON 43: Power of Events
LESSON 44: Hosting Team Calls and Meetings
LESSON 45: Hosting a Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 46: Off/Motivation
LESSON 47: Expectations of a Leader
LESSON 48: Connect and Motivate Your Team
LESSON 49: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 50: Leader Road Map
LESSON 51: Lessons in Leadership
LESSON 52: Inspire Action and Trust
LESSON 53: Off/Personal Development
LESSON 54: Relationships