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CORNERSTONE: Team Builder Training!

This 10 day training was created to help you take your business to the next level and step into duplication and building a strong team! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 10 days to complete it so that you can be working on finding your first coaches and helping them get started right away! Complete every assignment to help you master the team building basics!

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Course Outline

So we know the benefits of advancing to Emerald rank. But now it's time to step up to Team Builder. Why? Because you can get to Emerald with two discount coaches. But discount coaches are not going to help you grow much income since they won't be generating a lot of volume. The way to grow that income is to duplicate success in business building coaches in your downline! Team Builder pays attention to that. Let's review what we need for Team Builder quickly....

So the easiest way to break this down is to say.... to move from Emerald to Team Builder, you need to get two of the coaches you enroll to qualify as Business Starters. That will actually give you MORE than you need. But... better safe than sorry, right? ;) Do you need your coaches to hit success club to qualify as a Team Builder? No. But if your coaches are achieving Business Starter status that means they are off to a strong start in their businesses! Let's not just try to hit the bare minimums, let's aim for greatness, shall we?!

So, all week we have been talking about how to attract new coaches into your business through the use of sharing your successes, helping them get signed up, and figuring out what kind of coach they are using that video you made in the beginning of the training! Now what?


This whole business is about simplicity. Duplication keeps things simple. You don't have to re-invent the wheel, come up with new systems, or any of that. You just need to duplicate what you did. So... duplicate what your coach did for you!

The first thing I do is send my new coaches a welcome email! This sets the expectation and gives them a task to complete. The first email I send is a general "Welcome to the Team" email. In it, I link to my video about the three types of coaches. I also tell them about our team page and calls and ask them to watch the video and let me know what type of coach they want to be.


If they say anything other than "Discount" I sent them a 2nd welcome email. This is a business coach welcome email with information on getting started. It has my new coach first steps as well as a link to New Coach Training. I add them to my team pages and introduce them to the team with a fun graphic! After they complete the New Coach Training E-course I invite them to schedule a GSR "Getting Started Right" 20 minute call with me where we get to know each other, I ask them more about their goals, and they have the chance to ask me any burning questions!


After that I help get them plugged into the training site and our team. I let them set the pace and match it alongside them!


Here is my New Coach Guide:

YOUR ASSIGNMENT is to get your Welcome Email ready and saved somewhere that you can easily access it to be able to copy and paste to your new coaches! I'm linking to mine below so you can see and copy exactly what I send (of course make it your own first!). If you have new coaches who you did not send welcome info to, go do it now! Add them to the team page and introduce them!

My Welcome Emails: