Course Outline

Welcome to the Emerald to Diamond Group training program! There is no single magic recipe that will lead to huge success in this business. Success will come by doing a number of little things right and doing them consistently. In Coach Basics you learned the basics for building your business. This next step will help you develop a leader mind-set, build bigger volume by creating a large customer and Coach base, and establish simple systems that will lead to dynamic duplication for your Team! Are you coachable and committed? If so, it is imperative that you learn the skills in this training and implement them with your growing Team for greater results.

You will see that there will be a review of some of the topics you have already learned, but this time we will go deeper and I want you to look at it through the lens of a teacher. Make sure you completely understand the concept so you can think about how you would explain it to a brand-new Coach. It is now your goal to help other people duplicate what you are doing—and that is how you build a successful Team. As with any skill, there is always room for improvement and you will want to continue to master both sales and recruiting. In addition to the daily post, you need to demonstrate the consistent behavior that got you to this point. That means reading our personal development book so you can implement what you learn.  It means completing the Business Activity Tracker (BAT) each week. It also means drinking your Shakeology and participating in a fitness program so that you are truly a product of the product. It means hitting Success Club—if you are not helping just 3–5 people with our health and fitness programs, it will be hard to encourage others to do it.

I know you can do it, or you wouldn’t be here! So let’s get started! Today it is important to not only understand why you want to become a leader, but also what makes YOU a great leader. Once you define these two things, they will be a source of strength to refer back to when you encounter challenges along the way. 

So today, make a short 2-3 minute video - LIVE or recorded on your social media. Share why you became a coach and also why you will make a great leader. Be specific and don’t be shy—people want to know! If you don’t know why you will make a great coach and leader, chances are others don’t know either!

LESSON 2: The Power of Beachbody
LESSON 3: Have a Plan
LESSON 4: Vision
LESSON 5: Creating a List of Contacts
LESSON 6: Daily Action Plan
LESSON 7: Off/Motivation
LESSON 8: Recruiting
LESSON 9: Be the CEO
LESSON 10: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 11: Getting Your Coaches Started Right
LESSON 12: Time Management
LESSON 13: How to Earn
LESSON 14: Off/Motivation
LESSON 15: Leads
LESSON 16: Accountability Partners and Mentors
LESSON 17: Creating Videos 1 & 2
LESSON 18: Share a Video
LESSON 19: Define Your Roles for Productivity
LESSON 20: Customer Service = Retention
LESSON 21: Customer to Coach
LESSON 22: Follow-Up
LESSON 23: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 24: Building Emeralds
LESSON 25: Assessment
LESSON 26: Just Do It
LESSON 27: Creating High- Performing Coaches
LESSON 28: Power of Duplication
LESSON 29: Revisit Your List
LESSON 30: Follow Up with New Customers
LESSON 31: Power of Consistency
LESSON 32: Off/Motivation
LESSON 33: Power of Belief
LESSON 34: Developing Diamonds
LESSON 35: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 36: Referrals
LESSON 37: Attract to YOU
LESSON 39: Off/Personal Development
LESSON 40: Diamond Chart Check-In
LESSON 41: Boosting Team Growth
LESSON 42: Create a Culture of Success Club
LESSON 43: Power of Events
LESSON 44: Hosting Team Calls and Meetings
LESSON 45: Hosting a Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 46: Off/Motivation
LESSON 47: Expectations of a Leader
LESSON 48: Connect and Motivate Your Team
LESSON 49: Coaching Opportunity Event
LESSON 50: Leader Road Map
LESSON 51: Lessons in Leadership
LESSON 52: Inspire Action and Trust
LESSON 53: Off/Personal Development
LESSON 54: Relationships