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EMERALD PHASE POST 6: Be Proof the Products Work

“Example, whether it be good or bad, has a powerful influence.” –George Washington 


Guess what? You don’t have to be in perfect shape to be proof the products work! You just have to be actively participating! If you’re going to ask someone to do something, you better be doing it yourself. You are the best advertising for your business; remember, it’s one of the 4 Vital Behaviors of successful coaching! 

To be an effective Coach, you will need to have your own "customer experience" with Beachbody products. Having your own customer experience gives you more conviction, passion, and integrity, and your potential customers will notice that and relate to it. Even if you have someone sign up as a Coach from Day One, they'll still need to have their own customer experience. 


As you share your journey, you'll be building a following of people on social media. You can't try to shortcut this step or fake it. This will completely undermine everything you're trying to do. Be honest with your followers about what you're experiencing and they'll relate to you. Most people will identify with your customer experience before they'll identify with your coaching experience.


Being proof that the products work will also increase your confidence when it comes to sharing Beachbody with others—and confidence is a key component of successful inviting!

Some great ways to hold yourself accountable and share on your social media page is to take a daily workout picture or a picture of your Shakeology. It will inspire others, keep you focused, and create opportunities for discussions with contacts in your network (now you see why we’ve been doing this every day!).

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