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EMERALD PHASE POST 4: The Coach Opportunity Presentation

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”–Thomas Edison 


As you begin talking with people about coaching, it's important to keep the discussion simple and focused. You'll want to clearly explain what coaching is and the opportunity it offers, and then listen to them. People may come to you with misconceptions about the direct sales business model, they may be skeptical that it will work for them, or they might be ready to go but are unsure how to start.

Always start talking about coaching by sharing why you became a Coach and what you enjoy about coaching. Your conviction and passion about coaching will be the most powerful motivator in conveying the opportunity. If you want more ideas on how to invite someone to learn about coaching, check out the Coach 5-Step Invitation Process.

When someone accepts your invitation to learn more about coaching, a great tool to use to share information about the Coaching Opportunity is the Coach Opportunity Presentation. This presentation will help you share what coaching is all about in a simple, direct way with someone who has expressed interest in learning more. There is even
a presentation guide that you can use to help you prepare your presentation. 

Whether you use the presentation itself or simply use it as reference for your own way of introducing coaching to others, it is a great tool available to you.

Lots of coaches now utilize the idea of a Coach Sneak Peek on Facebook where via a private group or event they share different aspects of coach life and answer common questions. Lots of coaches have found that this is a wonderful way to allow curious prospects a glimpse in without pressure. There are scripts for Sneak Peeks in the Resources section of our Team Training Site. 

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