The philosophy I live by. Why I am who I am today. Why I focus intentionally and sacrificially on self development. Who you are is special, it's beautiful, it's unique and it's someway, somehow what this world needs. 

See, you were created with purpose. Not just to survive. 
Not just to have a mediocre life. 
You were made to experience life abundantly. 

I hope you're ready because we will be doing just that in the weeks to come.

We will discover what intentional living looks like for you. ðŸ’–🙏🏻👑

"Whenever you see a successful person,

you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." 

Vaibhav Shah

DAY 10

Have you been watching me for a while and wondering if you can rock this business from home?

✅You're worried because you don't have a big circle of friends.
✅You've never done network marketing before!
✅You don't even know where to start?!
✅You don't have a lot of time as you're are super busy.

⚜I have a solution to all those 'buts'  I have everything you need from all product descriptions and work from home posts ready for you...just copy and paste.

I have a 15 day bootcamp that gives exactly what you need to post daily! No guessing!

I've got you covered!
I had no idea what I was doing when I joined ðŸ™ˆ I figured it out and I have a rocking system in place to work this biz successfully right from my phone! 

What do you say?
Are you ready for me to coach you? ðŸ¼

Geez! Laire, that's a lot of selfies! YES! Here's why... This business is ABOUT YOU. You are working the cold market. People want to feel like they "know you" personally to jump into a business with you! It doesn't matter if they are with your family. Just make it personal

Your inbetween posts should be about yourself, your life (dreams, what your love etc), motivational and inspirational. Inspired people, inspire others.

People want to work with inspired people!