I remember day 3 for me the first time I joined Network Marketing. 


I had no idea how I would work this business while homeschooling 5 kids and my husband working 

full time. I was homeschooling middle school, 2 pre-k little girls, a toddler and an infant who didn't 

sleep through the night.


I was battleting adrenal fatigue. I had no upline. No training. 


All the odds were against me.

I was determined to change my familie's life. 

I saw this incredible opportunity and ran with it.


WHAT a blessing it is to have you on board. You are on the top 2% of the population who actually thinks outside the box! 


"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." 

Henry David Thoreau


I built 6 figrues in 8 months through social media in my company. Sucessful marketing is about a feeling. How can people connect with you? Are you relatable? Do you share stories, adventure, inspiration etc? As you develop your social media brand think about what you want that to be.

As you continue to go through the training always keep in mind. SHARE! DO not SELL!

I am have the 💭Secret to my success! 💸
Every 📆month I complete 2 simple steps to success. It has guided me to making an extra 💸 each month, pay cash for #Christmas , go on 🗿#vacations when we wish and buy groceries .

Somewhere out there, there is a 🏻mom that is feeling #lost . There is a mom feeling like she is a failure and she is trying to keep it togetherbecause she doesn't know what will happen tomorrow and she is just 🏻 that no emergencies happen. I am #mentoring 6⃣ more 🏻 moms. I'm going to teach you how to sit next to your babies, #phone on your  in your hand and never miss another #moment of your 👭children's life. 

I'm going to teach you how to pay cash for Christmas, Vacations and birthdays for less than it cost me to fill my gas tank up monthly I was able to start my #business and be 💥#successful! 

🔋I am looking for my next consultants and Managers!