"If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success." 

James Cameron

You are super excited!


You have invited everyone on your friend's list to our 2 monthly events!


You are going through your training and have your Business Activity Tracker Printed. 


Your first goal is to get 2 coaches and promote to Emerald!


So what I would do is reach out to all close family and friends and share this amazing product with them. If you opened a new restaurant, wouldnt you ask your family to support you?


This is a business. :) Ask them! What's the worst thing that can happen?

They will say no. I have gotten a million no's.


No big deal. We love failing forward! <3


Use the link on Day 1 to get your before and afters! I wont post them through the bootcamp but use one daily. Do not post product name or company name. Be excited and SHARE don't SELL. 

This bootcamp will give you some suggested posts.

I will leave product testimonials and before and afters up to you to choose! :)

Q: I have never done #networkmarketing before!
A: 😎Awesome! Neither did some of the #topearners when they started!

Q: I don't have a 🙅🏻warm market.
A: No worries. The fun part about this ✨ #business is that you can make new👯#friends right from your phone!

Q: I'm not good at sales. 
A: Perfect! We aren't looking for #salespeople. We are looking for the average 🏻person who is willing to share #amazing products! That simple!

Q: I don't have ⏰ #time.
A: Well, you're reading this aren't you? The 🏻average person checks their#socialmedia accts about 100 times a day. 🙊 You can be getting 💸paid! 

Q: Isn't this company over-saturated with reps? 
A: Around 600,000 customers and associates 80% of that is customers. We have only a little over 400,00 associates while other MLMs have 🏼millions! You are right on ⏰time!

Q: I don't know if I can #succeed doing this
A: Are you 🌀#teachable? Then you can! We have a system that have been 💯proven to work! 

Q: I wouldn't know where to #start.
A: That's the #goodnews! You have me! 🏻Your personal coach and new BFF! 💥Let's get you started! #ItsWorthFindingOut