Welcome to Independent Study: BUSINESS STARTER BOOTCAMP!

This 2 week training was created to help you take the foundations you learned in New Coach Training and put them into practice to help you achieve Success Club 5 or higher and promote to "Business Starter" on the Beachbody Leadership Ladder! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 2 weeks to complete it so that you can start building momentum in your early months as an actively coaching team member! Complete every assignment, these are the fundamentals for your coaching business!

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Course Outline

Today we'll be talking about your posting on social media. The rule of thumb is 2-3 times a day. But remember, quality trumps quantity. I'd rather you post 2 really good posts than 3 junk posts. The goal of posting frequently and consistently is to UP your Facebook affinity that we talked about yesterday. By posting quality content daily you give people a chance to interact with you more. You also are putting yourself out there in front of more eyes. 


When Beachbody came into your world, it might have felt all consuming TO YOU. And you might feel like all you talk about is Beachbody and all you see is Beachbody and you might feel a common fear that if you post too much about what you are doing that people will be turned off. BUT....

The real truth is that people outside of beachbody know very little about what you are doing. And just because you are immersed in it and it feels like everything to you, doesn't mean they hear about it much at all. I have SOOOOO many people contact me saying that they know a handful of coaches but because they see me post all the time they thought of me when they were ready to get plugged in. YES!!!! That's what you want too! 

Let me clear some things up right now for you.... 

- You posting about your workouts, your healthy food choices, how happy you are, how much you love the community here, etc... that is not salesy or annoying. Anyone who thinks it is should not be your friend because if you being happy and sharing about it bothers them then they don't care very much about your happiness and well-being do they?#blessandrelease

- You leaving friendly comments on old acquaintances photos and statuses or friend requesting them or mutual friends is not creepy or annoying. It's how social media works. Don't be weird about it. ;)

- You posting more often about your lifestyle may get some negative remarks from people connected to you. HEAR ME NOW: Those negative remarks are them PROJECTING their own dissatisfaction with their own choices ONTO you. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. You are not wrong, you are not annoying, you are not pushy. They are unhappy and misery loves company. Ya dig? 

When I say "post 3-5 times a day" I do not mean to post corporate photos of workout programs or things like "I'm looking for 3 people to sign up with me today" or posting sales images, etc. I'm talking about you sharing your life in a natural way and peppering in coaching and the opportunity for people to join you along the way. (think of it like: jab, jab, jab, HOOK!) 


Think of your Facebook account and wall as a reality show about you. *I know, I know, stay with me here...* You want to show a variety of things you are interested in, that you spend your time doing, that you enjoy, etc. This may feel strange to you if you aren't used to it but your social media is your marketing now. It's free, so take advantage of it! A good exercise for this is to pick 3-5 topics you are interested in. They can be hobbies, or things you love, or your life's priorities. Then you can do 1 post a day about each topic. It's an easy way to come up with ideas for posts that is still natural to YOU! 

For example... Lindsay Matway loves family, faith, fitness, and fashion. Her posts rotate between those topics on her wall as she shares from her own day-to-day life. Go look for yourself on her page. Easy peasy!

Another SUPER EASY way to come up with content each day is to use your 3 Vital Behaviors (you learned them in New Coach Training) and take a photo or make a post of each one. That is 3 posts a day you don't even have to do any extra thinking or work for!!! Add in 2 more posts a day that have nothing to do with Beachbody but are just about stuff you love and you're golden! I mean, you're really doing good now aren't you?! Do that every day and you'll see the impact!!!!

In case you still aren't sure how this looks, here's a breakdown example for TWO DAYS of posting based what I just said, let's pretend that family, being a stay-at-home mom, and style are some of your 3-5 hobbies or areas of interest:

Day 1: 

Morning: take a photo during or after your workout. post and share a favorite move, an inspiring thought, how you felt, etc. 
Mid morning: share a favorite quote from your daily personal development that day to inspire others! Find or take an eye-catching photo to go with it

Noon: Share a photo of your healthy lunch or smoothie and share the recipe for others to be inspired by! Take a good photo to go with it. 
Afternoon: Grab a photo of some crazy workout pants style that you kind of love from Pinterest and ask your audience if they'd wear those? Then joke about how you get to work out form home so no one sees you anyway wink emoticon

Night: Take a photo of your kids having family dinner together and share something you are grateful for that has to do with that. Or a night time tradition or routine you love

Day 2: 

Morning: your kids woke up early and invaded your workout time. Take a photo of you working out with them at your feet and share! #momlife wink emoticon

Mid morning: share your shakeology recipe for the day (maybe it involves coffee today? haha!)

Lunch: Share a mom-hack that you use and love to give other mamas ideas!

Afternoon: Show your workout outfit of the day to show off your personal style. 

Night: Share an inspiring quote from your daily PD to give people a positive thought to end the day on

See how easy that is? Hardly any extra work... just a bit more focus than you might currently do in your daily life. You might think no one is interested but we humans LOVE peeking into the lives of others. Keep your posts positive, because as a coach your job is to inspire! If you a hard situation or a hard day, find a way to find the good and share! 

Your assignment today is to come up with your 3-5 areas of interest that you want to use in your daily posting routine and today I want you to post at least 3 times on FB using the tips above! Post your 3-5 topics in the team page publicly so everyone can learn more about what you're about! These can evolve over time, but commit to these for at least then next few weeks!

*** I know some people are weary of making their Facebook profile public. This is a personal decision. If for safety reasons you cannot, that's okay. But you will need to keep in mind that people will not be able to just randomly find you and see all your content. You might want to consider starting a public Facebook Business Page where you can share in a way that people who you don't know can find you and connect with you. :)