Welcome to Independent Study: BUSINESS STARTER BOOTCAMP!

This 2 week training was created to help you take the foundations you learned in New Coach Training and put them into practice to help you achieve Success Club 5 or higher and promote to "Business Starter" on the Beachbody Leadership Ladder! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 2 weeks to complete it so that you can start building momentum in your early months as an actively coaching team member! Complete every assignment, these are the fundamentals for your coaching business!

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Course Outline


One of the biggest pitfalls I watch new coaches who are sooooo full of potential get stuck in is overthinking how their friends and families will respond to their new coaching business. It's easy to start internally freaking out about the opinions of others. But let me tell it to you straight... the opinions of your friends on Facebook don't pay your bills and create freedom for your family. So it's time to let that fear go!

Personal development and practice are the two BIGGEST HELPS to combating the nerves that, if you let them, can totally derail you before you get momentum and find your groove.

You might remember from New Coach Training that Personal Development is one of the three vital behaviors. What does that mean? It means that you work on yourself by reading or listening to books that build you up and help you strengthen your weakness. I'm including a list of my favorites for coaches to start with but really anything that inspires you and fills your cup will work! I recommend a chapter of a book a day or 20 minutes of listening to audio a day. I know this might seem insignificant but show me a coach that is struggling with self doubt and I'll show you a coach slacking on their PD.

Some favorite books for New Coaches: 
- The Slight Edge
- The Compound Effect
- You Are A Badass
- Rock Your Network Marketing Biz
- Entreleadership
- Eat That Frog

Some favorite audio for New Coaches:
- Subscribe to the National Wakeup Call via Podcast and listen in all week
- Listen to the above books on audio book
- The Power of Vulnerability Audio by Brene Brown
- Being Boss Podcast

Like I said before, the BEST way to get past that awkward feeling of nervousness when you start is just to PUSH THROUGH. The more you do it, the more you'll realize that it is worth it even if you do get some negativity here and there. You'll realize that people's negative remarks are more about them than they are about you (misery loves company, they don't like that you are being happy and positive). You'll also see that people are generally more excited for you and supportive than you might expect.

Here is one of the BEST pieces of advice I've ever been given: DO NOT DECIDE FOR SOMEONE ELSE HOW THEY WILL RESPOND. What that means is, don't decide that your facebook friends are going to be uncomfortable if you start posting about coaching a lot and then choose to not post a lot. You decided. They didn't. You are robbing them of the chance to decide for themselves. And someone might be NEEDING what you have to say so badly and you holding back is robbing them of that positivity or opportunity they might need so badly in their life right now. Don't decide that someone won't be interested in joining you. Let them decide! Are you willing to push through that awkwardness and be consistent till you can get to the other side? Commit now to how long you will commit to being consistent in your sharing and your vitals so you can get to Stage 5 with your network? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? Write it down and post it somewhere you'll see it.