Welcome to Independent Study: BUSINESS STARTER BOOTCAMP!

This 2 week training was created to help you take the foundations you learned in New Coach Training and put them into practice to help you achieve Success Club 5 or higher and promote to "Business Starter" on the Beachbody Leadership Ladder! You can go through this training at your own pace, but I strongly urge you to not take longer than 2 weeks to complete it so that you can start building momentum in your early months as an actively coaching team member! Complete every assignment, these are the fundamentals for your coaching business!

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Course Outline

Welcome to Business Starter Bootcamp!!!! This two week live e-course will help you to take the fundamentals you learned in New Coach Training and start putting them into practice to get your business rolling and growing!

The goal of this training is to help you lock in the title of BUSINESS STARTER. Which is the first rung on Beachbody's Leadership Ladder. The next goal of our 2 week group is to help you on your path to Team Builder! But first things first... what is a Business Starter?


WHAT IS THE LEADERSHIP LADDER? - In the photo above you'll see a screenshot of the Leadership Ladder Qualifications from Beachbody. This is basically a ROADMAP TO SUCCESS that Beachbody has put together to help you focus your energy on things that will help you achieve success in growing your business. Following this roadmap will help you to build a solid business with momentum and success!

WHAT IS A BUSINESS STARTER? - A Business Starter is the first title you can earn as a coach on the Leadership Ladder. These leadership ladder qualifications reset EVERY MONTH. So this is something you can work on each month, all month long to achieve the title the following month. That also means you can't get stagnant. You can't just push for it and then stop trying because you need to hit the requirements again the following month to keep your title! To earn it you have to hit three qualifications: 

1. be an active coach 

2. achieve success club 5 or higher 

3. make $100 in commissions. 

That all sounds good right? We all want to get moving and making money right away. This can help get you there! As a new coach, this might sound like a lot, but in all actuality achieving #2 will automatically qualify for your #1 and #3! So our focus is going to be on hitting Success Club 5.

When you qualify for Success Club 5: 
- You are automatically active since you need 90HDPV to qualify (and you only need 50pv to be active. So that knocks that qualification out of the water. Check and mark!)
- You will automatically make more than $100 in commissions by qualifying for Success Club 5. If you sell 3 challenge packs you would earn at least $120 in commissions since the lowest commission on a challenge pack is $40)

So qualifying for Success Club 5 is the best thing to focus on because it will automatically help you achieve those other things you need to be a Business Starter!

As a coach, Success Club 5 (or higher) should be your NON-NEGOTIABLE monthly goal. Coaches who hit success club ever month make 3-5 times more than coaches who only hit it sporadically or who never hit it. Almost every top coach is a Success Club All Star (meaning they have consecutively hit success club 12 months in a row or longer). Success leaves clues... if you want to be successful follow the clues and make hitting success club every month your bottom line goal.

Hitting Success Club means that you are helping at least 3 new people each month. Isn't that what being a coach is about? Helping others? This helps keep you feeling fulfilled and brings new people into your business each month, bringing in commissions as well as possible referrals and possible coaches as a lot of your challengers will want to become coaches if they have a great experience! Beachbody also incentivizes Success Club almost every month with some sort of fun prize. And there's the Success Club trip each year you can earn your way on FOR FREE if you earn enough success club points in a year! So... why would you NOT make this your goal? As your mentor, I am telling you point blank, that if you want to be a successful coach, you MUST make hitting success club your monthly non-negotiable. And... because I would never ask you to do something I am not willing to do, let me tell you that I have hit Success Club 5 or higher every single month since I signed up as a coach. I have never missed a month. If I can do it, you can too!

Today's assignment: is for you to figure out how far away from Business Starter you are. Go log into your Coach Online Office. Are you active? How much have you made in commissions in the month of December? How many Success Club points do you have? Write it down so you know what you need to do the rest of the month to lock in Business Starter. Now post that somewhere where you'll be able to see it when you are working on your business so you have your goals clearly in front of your eyes!