Making Posts Pretty

This is my #1 “go-to” app for editing pictures. You want to keep a similar “color scheme” going for all the imagery you post so people begin to associate that color scheme with you. For example, I try to keep my social media bright and colorful. The filters I tend to use in PicTapGo are “Lights On” “Air” and “Brightside” followed up with “Crispity.” My editing color scheme may not suit your personality or your imagery so you’ll want to play with filters to find what suits you best, PicTapGo calls it your “recipe.” ;) For Android users, Snapseed is a great alternative!


This app rocks if you use it properly. It allows you to “smooth” out your skin to have a softer finish. However… it can easily make you appear to look fake and clearly “airbrushed” so use it sparingly! I like to use it to touch up underneath my eyes when I’m not wearing makeup. It also has a teeth whitening tool which is great, again, as long as you’re using sparingly! You’ll play with it and get the hang of it to keep your pictures looking natural.


This app is great for adding PNG logos to your pictures! All of the Beachbody product/program logos are located in the COO and you can download them to your phone and save them for when you post pictures of your workouts and want to include the logo. This app also is awesome to let you add custom fonts to your pictures. There is a website called and you can use that site to download free fonts and connect them with this app!

Rhonna Designs

This is one most everyone knows and loves! It’s great to create quick, cute flyers on your phone!

This is my personal favorite video creator app! I think it was 2.99 but totally worth it if you have an iPhone. It lets you create really *professional* looking videos and add text and music to them as well. check out this tutorial on how to use this awesome app.


This app is awesome for creating fun text-filled flyers! There are so many different backgrounds and font styles! If using this app to make a flyer I recommend sticking with just one font style as they’re all pretty “bold” and mixing and matching fonts could get a little “busy.”

Rhonna Collage

I love this app for all the different styles of collages. They have a variety of backgrounds you can use through this app as well and the “messy layouts” are my favorite to use for recognition collages with all the circles for faces.


This is my favorite collage app for side by side or square collages. There is a feature in PicStitch called “orientation” and it allows you to easily mirror image your pictures which I do 99% of the time for my selfies. ha! It also allows you to “erase” the lines in-between the images. I love collages that have zero “white lines” in the middle of the squares/rectangles


This app is great if you take a selfie and want to flip the photo so that the words on your shirt are readable. I use this app a lot when I’m not doing a mirror image collage and just want to post a single selfie without having the words on my shirt backwards!

Rhonna Designs Magic

I love this app for adding “bokeh” or “light leaks” to pictures! I think sometimes it makes pictures really stand out when you add some “design imagery” the the picture!


This is the app I use to “blur out” the background of a picture. For example if I’m taking a selfie and I want to blur out the rest of the room this one is a great app for that because it blurs it enough so that you can’t see the background and is just a creamy finish!

As a note, I do have an iPhone and while I think *most* of these are Android compatible I'm not 100% sure. However, hopefully based on my caption you'll get an understanding of why I chose each app and you'll be able to find something comparable on an Android device that could do what the app I outlined does. Hopefully that makes sense!