Lovely to Meet You!

Hi friends! Alyssa Schomaker here. I am your FREE Team Beachbody Coach. I'm sending you this message because I wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I'm here if you ever need me. I'd love to stay connected to you and help you with your goals! As a coach, I am a normal person just like you, that has had a fantastic experience using these products and I want to help you have the same great experience! 

My story is here: Alyssa Schomaker's Journey. Read on and find out how we can work together!

Let's Work Together!

I have a few different ways you can work with me! Let's figure out the best option for you and get connected!

Get Connected Via: 
* Free Private Community Group 
* Monthly Challenge Groups 
* My blog 
* Social Media

My private community group is open to ANYONE who has me as their coach. Odds are, if you are receiving this email you have already made me your free coach either by creating a free Beachbody account or by purchasing something. If not, it's free to make me your coach and join our ROYAL REPUBLIC COMMUNITY, all you have to do is make me your free coach and then request to join! In there you'll find tools and announcements as well as a community of people all working on their wellness goals!


My Challenge Groups are also private. But are more focused with daily accountability check-ins between yourself and I as well as daily encouragement and support. To take part you need to be committed fully to both exercise and nutrition via one of Beachbody's home workout programs and Shakeology. Challenge Groups were the missing link in my own journey and helped me stay in it long enough to create real lasting change for myself! I think they might be a perfect fit for you too! Email me for info on joining!

Follow My Journey...

I'd love if you want to connect with me via Social Media as well! I post inspiring things daily as well as glimpses into my life as a coach, my own progress photos and program reviews, and how I make healthy habits fit into my life as a working mom!

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